Excerpt from the interview with Prof. Dr. Magerl on the mattress test winner from Austria

You have a surgery behind you and are currently testing the Flexima mattress. How were the first few nights on your test winner mattress from Austria? What can you say about the quality in the short time?

Even before the operation, my sleep was disturbed considerably for a long time due to pain. After the surgery, the problem worsened massively, so I had to look for a better mattress. And this should meet the following requirements: Convenient position in the supine or lateral sleeping position, no triggering of muscular tensions, no heat accumulation, deduction of body moisture, no sweating. The Flexima mattress seemed to best meet these requirements, partly because it also has a special ventilation system and because I got the opportunity to test Flexima mattresses with different hardnesses. I now fall asleep on a Flexima mattress for some time and I can say that my expectations were completely fulfilled. As part of my still considerable travel activity, which I also picked up soon after the surgery, I’ve slept on many mattresses, but I cannot remember to have ever slept on one as well as the Flexima mattress.