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The MM Mattress Manufactory LLC in Carinthia manufactures mattresses made of cold foam with an integrated, metal-free spring core in St. Andrä. This combination allows both a comfortable, ergonomic and thus healthy lying position and ensures optimal ventilation of the mattress.

There are no signs of wear and tear if the following conditions are ensured:

  • The weight of the user must match the recommendation for the degree of hardness
  • The mattress must be placed on a firm surface or on an intact slatted frame
  • The slatted frame must not have gaps greater than 50 mm between the slats
  • Flexima Home mattresses should be turned several times a year
  • Flexima Home mattresses should also be turned head to foot once a year
The advantages of Flexima mattresses from Austria at a glance:

  • Luxurious sleeping comfort
  • Metal-free spring core
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Premium-quality cold foam which adjusts perfectly to your individual body shape
  • No slatted frame required
  • Premium-quality covers (mainly Tencel)
  • Hypoallergenic, easy to clean
  • Available in different degrees of hardness and heights
  • Custom dimensions possible

The Flexima mattress was and is continuously subjected to rigorous quality tests. Of course, all materials used for the sleeping area have been certified. The endurance has been tested by LGA Nuremberg and has been awarded the highest quality rating. And to test the ergonomic properties, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Magerl – one of the world’s most prestigious spine surgeons – subjected Flexima to a self-test and gave it an excellent report.

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